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Circle Paving Slab Kits

We are proud to offer a variety of stones and slabs to attain the stunning circle paving look. You can select these natural stone slabs by their light to dark colours or the smooth and shiny surface in Raj Green, Autumn Brown, Kota Black, Rippon Rose and Fossil Mint. The finishing look will be highly satisfying, and it will add the wow factor to your garden or patio. These inspiring circle paving will complete your outdoor project, whether it’s used as a middle feature or on the side to break up areas of plain paving. The prices are as attractive as the looks.


The Artistry of Circle Paving Slab Kits

Revolutionise your outdoor spaces with the sophistication of our Circle Paving Slab Kits. These kits offer a unique blend of natural elegance and geometric precision, transforming gardens and patios into showcases of timeless appeal. Embrace the allure of circle paving and create a focal point that both delights the eye and stimulates conversation.


A Palette of Nature’s Best Colours

Drawing inspiration from the abundant colours of Mother Earth, we provide a wide array of stone hues to complement any landscape design. These include the subtle greens of Raj, the warmth of Autumn Brown, the profound depth of Kota Black, the vibrant Rippon Rose, and the prehistoric patterns in Fossil Mint. Our selection is meticulously chosen to ensure the utmost satisfaction in your project’s outcome.


Beyond Aesthetic Appeal: The Advantages of Circle Paving

More than an aesthetic masterpiece, circle paving also contributes to functional aspects of landscape design. It introduces a sense of fluidity and cohesion, efficiently breaking up areas of plain paving and providing an engaging contrast. Whether it’s a centrepiece in your garden or an accent point on your patio, circle paving commands attention and entices exploration.


Quality, Affordability, and Versatility

Our Circle Paving Slab Kits are not just about high-quality stones and slabs; they also represent an affordable solution for your landscaping needs. With competitive pricing and the added convenience of free delivery, transforming your outdoor area into a haven of beauty is more accessible than ever.

Moreover, these kits come with a squaring-off feature, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing patio or garden layout. Whether your style leans towards the minimalist or the elaborate, our circle paving slabs can effortlessly adapt, augmenting the visual appeal of your outdoor space.


Discover Your Garden’s Potential with Circle Paving

Pave Direct is more than a provider of high-quality paving solutions; we are your partners in creating the outdoor space you’ve always envisioned. With our Circle Paving Slab Kits, you can bring a dash of distinction to your garden or patio, infusing it with a personality as unique as your own.

Ready to redefine your outdoor space? Call us on 0330 002 0073 and let us assist you in choosing the perfect Circle Paving Slab Kit for your project.

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