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Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Fossil Mint natural Indian sandstone paving slabs would add brightness and clarity to your garden or patio with its cream, golden, and orange shades. These light-coloured slabs are very impressive, stable and reliable. We offer these sandstones in natural, honed and cobblestone types. We also provide tumbled walling block. The slabs have an elegant look and would suit modern and traditional surroundings. Choose from various sizes, thicknesses and types.


Crafting Aesthetics with Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone

At Pave Direct, our obsession with premium materials and craftsmanship has led us to curate an exclusive collection of Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone. This exceptional stone, famed for its soothing cream, golden and orange hues, adds a distinctive elegance to any space it graces. With the promise of transforming your garden or patio into a tranquil haven, this sandstone variety is the epitome of beauty meeting durability.


Versatility Across All Applications

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone is highly versatile. The natural finish exudes a timeless appeal, making it an ideal choice for those favouring a traditional ambiance. On the other hand, the honed and sawn finishes resonate with a contemporary flair, which seamlessly blends into modern architectural designs. At Pave Direct, we also provide tumbled walling blocks to extend the touch of sandstone beyond the floor surface, adding character and depth to your outdoor living spaces.


Exceptional Durability

The resilience of Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone cannot be overstated. Its robustness ensures long-term performance, resisting the elements and maintaining its pristine beauty for years. Whether exposed to heavy foot traffic or fluctuating weather conditions, this hard-wearing stone stands firm, underlining our commitment to supplying products that offer both visual splendour and lasting stability.


Extensive Selection Tailored to Your Needs

Our range of Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone spans various sizes and thicknesses. The choice extends to patio paving slabs in tumbled, honed, and natural finishes, not to mention the cobblestones and tumbled walling blocks. This assortment allows for unique design flexibility, ensuring that regardless of your project’s scale or style, Pave Direct can offer a fitting solution.


Outstanding Value

Pave Direct is committed to offering you superior value for your investment. Our competitively priced Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone collection ensures that you receive exceptional quality without compromising on budget. We guarantee free delivery, ensuring you can focus entirely on crafting your dream space.

Intrigued by the prospects of the Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone? Call us on 0330 002 0073. Our experts are ready to guide you in achieving your design aspirations.

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