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Raj Green Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Raj Green Indian Sandstone is famous for creating attractive stone patios and walkways. It was first used in ancient times to make beautiful stones for building flooring.

Moreover, at Pave Direct these slabs are available in various sizes and shapes to create stunning decorative patios, pavements, pathways, garden designs, and walkways. 

With the help of this sandstone, you must build your dream house with natural stone slabs.

Why Is Raj Green Paving Slabs A Great Choice?

Raj Green Indian Sandstone boasts exceptional hardness and density, rendering it highly resilient and capable of enduring substantial foot traffic and weather conditions. Additionally, it demands relatively minimal upkeep and effort cleaning, making it an ideal selection for homeowners with active lifestyles.

Let's probe the astonishing advantages of why it's the perfect selection.

- One of the notable benefits of this sandstone is its robustness, which makes it an ideal choice.
- It is essential to note that this stone is naturally porous, so it is necessary to seal it to prevent it from absorbing water.
- Its versatility is another advantage, as it is trimmed and shaped to suit different spaces and uses, making it an outstanding option for personalised projects.
- The Raj Green Paving sandstone blends greens and gentle brown colours with occasional purplish tones running through the mix, enhancing the stone's rich, traditional look.

Overall, this sandstone is a beautiful and durable natural stone utilized in various settings and applications, making it a highly desirable option.

However, you can also consider using Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone to enhance the brightness and beauty of your outdoor area.

Key Features of Our Raj Green Indian Sandstone:

Our collection has diverse sizes and thicknesses to cater to different project needs. Our slabs are designed for easy installation as they offer uniform thicknesses.

The following details will give you a better understanding of each product Pave Direct provides:


- 600x900 Single Sized Slabs
- 600x600 Single Sized Slabs
- 600x300 Single Sized Slabs
- Cobbles Pack: 100 x 100
- Mix Sized Slabs. (290x290, 600x290)






- Sandblast  Finish
- Tumbled Finish
- Natural Finish
- Honed and Sawn Finish

Why Paving Slabs Are Better Than Concrete

Unlike concrete, these slabs are much more substantial, providing a sturdy, long-lasting footing for your patio or walkway. Why settle for dull, plain concrete when you have Pave Direct's Indian Raj Green stone? Let's look at some of its other impressive features.

1- It is less absorbent than concrete so freeze-thaw damage won't be affected as quickly as concrete.

2- In contrast to concrete, which is prone to losing its colour over time, this sandstone has a natural colour that never fades.

3- It is easy to clean and maintain, whereas concrete can sometimes be challenging.

Whether you are looking for a construction material for your outdoor space that is durable and attractive, It is the best choice for you.

Care Instructions for Indian Raj Green Paving Slabs

If you want your raj green paving slabs to maintain their natural beauty and longevity for years, you've come to the right place!

Here are some vital considerations from Pave Direct that you need to remember to ensure your paving slabs look fabulous. So, let's dive in and explore how you can keep your paving slabs in tip-top condition!

i) Use a mild detergent and water solution to clean them regularly. Clean the paving slabs with gentle chemicals rather than abrasive cleaners.

ii) Keep the surface of the paving clean by sweeping or blowing away debris. Seal the slabs with a sealant designed specifically for Raj Indian sandstone to prevent stains and weathering.

iii) It is essential to use de-icing agents carefully during harsh weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures, to prevent water from pooling.

iv) Lastly, avoiding dragging heavy objects across the surface is essential to prevent scratching or damage.

Why Choose Us?

At Pave Direct, we take pride in offering the finest quality Paving Slabs at unbeatable prices.

Our slabs are highly durable and boast natural beauty, making them perfect for elevating any outdoor space. We employ skilled craftsmen who use advanced techniques to ensure that each slab is of the highest quality.

Our low-maintenance slabs require minimal upkeep, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment for years. Trust us for your paving needs and experience the superior quality and value that we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These sandstones are naturally slip-resistant. However, if the slabs become wet, they become slippery, or if they are not sealed properly, they become slippery.
The answer is not definitive, as several factors affect the long-term colour of the paving slabs. However, most experts agree that these paving slabs are less likely to fade than other types of stone paving.

If you're concerned about the colour of your Indian paving slabs fading, we recommend sealing the stone properly before installation. It will help to protect the colour and prevent fading over time.

Q3: Do Raj Green Sandstone Paving Slabs Stain?
Overall, this sandstone is durable and unlikely to stain. As with any stone, it is always a good idea to seal the surface to help protect it from stains.
If you get colour on your Indian sandstone, it will likely be removed with some elbow grease and the right cleaning products.
Q4: Why is Raj green different from Raj blend?
Raj Green and Raj Blend are two distinct types of raj indian sandstone but differ in colour and composition.
Raj green is characterised by a blend of green, and grey hues, whereas Raj Blend combines multiple shades, such as buff, brown, and grey, giving it a more diverse and blended appearance.
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