Romex Slabs Colour Enhancer in 5lts & 10lts

  • Romex Slabs Colour Enhancer in 5lts & 10lts
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Product Details

The special solution for the refining and visual improvement of stones and to make them water and dirt repellent indoors and outdoors. It enhances the structure and colour of the
stones and thus improves the visual effect long term. The stone surfaces have a more intense, refined colour. Due to its particular durability and ease of use, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable for all porous types of stone (natural stones, concrete stones, mortar, paving stones etc.), for small surfaces (stairs, paths, patios etc.) and in construction work. For indoor and outdoor use.

1. Clean:

First clean surface thoroughly and let it dry completely (!).

2. Apply:

The ideal application temperature is 10 to 25 °C; do not use in direct sunlight. When using indoors, turn off floor heating and ensure there is ventilation (open window). Apply generously and evenly using a brush or roller. If the floor is very porous, apply another layer after 1 hour. For surfaces that are less porous do not allow colour enhancer to stand on the surface, but wipe any residue off before it dries. Non-porous surfaces cannot have colour enhancer applied. Clean tools with general use solvent.

3. Dry:

Drying time: 1 hour at room temperature, protect surface for 24 hours against moisture.

Consumption: Approx. 10 m2 / litre, depending on type of surface.

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