Romex Rompox Easy Grout Mortar 15kg in 3 Colours

  • Romex Rompox Easy Grout Mortar 15kg in 3 Colours
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Product Details

Romex Rompox easy grout is a german ready-mixed jointing mortar that is both cement-free and water-permeable. It contains polymeric and traditional joining sand that hardens down as it comes in contact with water and air. It prevents weeds from growing between your slabs, there's no cement residue or dust mess, it can withstand pressure washers and is easy to clean, plus its frost resistant.

Romex Rompox grout is one of the finest products available in the market for grouting or pointing. At pave direct, It is available in three colours: grey, basalt, and neutral.

Compared to other traditional types of cement and concrete plasters, Romex Rompox is very easy to use, strong & last for a long time. Using Romex Rompox grout to fill the gaps between patio slabs is hassle-free. You can effortlessly apply the mix onto your patio & use a brush to fill the gaps between the slabs.

Features of Romex Rompox Easy Grout

  • Romex Rompox is environment-friendly, easy to maintain, and benefits from sunroofs damaged from rainwater.
  • It prevents the laborious cost of refilling gravel and sand while repairing flooring.
  • Romex Rompox is the last longing and can be cleaned easily.
  • It is the most versatile mortar and is used overall concrete slabs, natural stones and amalgamation.
  • It prevents frost damage and is the preferred paving joint mortar for DIY use.

How To Use Romex Rompox Grout?

  • You need some painting accessories and tools like one hard brush and one soft brush.
  • After that take the water by mixing mortar into it.
  • Apply the watered mortar solution on the water-permeable surfaces for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surfaces which are dust-free, clean and water-permeable give the best results with Romex Rompox easy grout.
Basically, it is available in three colours: sand neutral, sandstone grey and sand basalt.
A ratio of 1:4 should be maintained.
Yes, Romex Rompox is frost resistant.
It takes nearly about 4 weeks or sometimes longer to set Romex Rompox properly. However, within 24 hours you can walk on the surface.

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