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20mm Porcelain Paving Slab

Decorate your garden patio with Pave Direct’s 20mm porcelain paving slabs and give your garden the look and feel it deserves. We make our porcelain paving slabs keeping your requirements in mind and deliver durable, good-looking and high-quality slabs.

Here, you will find ideal slabs for your home’s patio. We have a vast range of 20mm porcelain paving slabs that consists of different classic and contemporary styles such as spanish porcelain paving, Italian porcelain paving, hammer stone grey porcelain paving & Sahara sand porcelain paving slabs. You will find these slabs in various sizes and thicknesses like 600x600, 900x600 and 1000x600.

Traditionally, wooden decking is a more popular choice when it comes to garden patios, but in the longer run, Pave Direct’s porcelain paving slabs are the smarter option. They are built tough and can outlast & outperform the wood. Additionally, they’re more generous than wood when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Your garden patio will be sharing some very wholesome moments with your family, give it the attention it needs to make sure you have the right vibe for those moments. You won’t have to worry about your kids slipping and getting injured because our porcelain paving slabs are also slip-resistant.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Porcelain Paving Slabs: Features & Benefits

Crack & Scratch Resistant

Being a floor in the garden area is not an easy feat to carry. There will inevitably be a lot of running around and playing in the garden if you have kids. A substandard material in the floor will give in to that and get cracked. Our 20mm porcelain slabs will be a tough opponent for those cracks and scratches to beat.

Slip-Free Finish

We craft our 20mm porcelain slabs giving them a clean and slip-free finish to ensure that you can walk in moist and frosty weatherjust as comfortably as otherwise.It’s not for the weather to decide if you’re going to be spending time on your patio or not.


Being strong and durable is not enough if you’re investing your time and efforts to choose the perfect design for your patio, they have to be fade-resistant to keep the appearance maintained. Seasons change and when they do, extreme weather conditions will pay your area a visit or two. Your garden patio slabs should pass those extreme weathers by not fading, our 20mm porcelain paving slabs are tested for just that.


The fact that temperatures in the United Kingdom can go extremely low makes it necessary for garden patios to be frost-proof, otherwise, if the frost gets inside the slab the low temperature can cause cracks. With our frost-proof slabs, low temperatures won’t be a problem.

Durable & Easy To Maintain

Along with the look and performance of the patio will also come facets of its durability and maintenance. You can rest assured that our 20mm porcelain paving slabs will be up to the mark in those areas as well.

Still unsure whether you should go with our 20mm porcelain paving slabs or not? Get in touch with us and we will help you figure it out

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